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Now is the perfect time to receive a calendar of events for the year ahead. The Calendar Tarot Spread consists of 13 Cards - one for every month of the year beginning with the current month and a centre card will be the theme for the year.

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These will include all kinds of areas such as love, career or money. You can also ask for an insight into a particular situation. You have the power to overcome obstacles and succeed in all you do Book your Calendar Predictions Reading Today - click here. Tuesday, 30 October I look forward to performing your personal readings for I look forward to performing your personal readings.

Monday, 2 October From homelife to love, what you hope for in the future and how to overcome doubts or fears. Using seven cards I shall ask the cards for insight on seven specific areas of your life;.

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Home Matters 2. Hopes and Fears 3. Achievements Hoped For 5. Obstacles and the Unexpected.

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Immediate Future and Possibilities 7. Good Fortune. Choose this Tarot reading to properly understand the major circumstances in your life affecting you emotionally and physically.

Tuesday, October 8

Other's have chosen the Bohemian Psychic Tarot Card Reading for family issues, moving house, relationships, work but you can adapt any query you may have to it. Labels: family tarot reading , love reading , love tarot reading , spiritual tarot card reading , tarot , tarot card reading , tarot cards , tarot reading. Labels: free tarot , free valentines day , tarot reading , valantine , valantines day , valentine , valentine's day , valentines day.

Silence, reflection and occult wisdom are her specialties. When the need arises, she has no problem communicating how she feels.

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Her intelligence comes from listening, paying attention to all around her. No one vision is sacred, but having one is. Without the spirit, life for her would be empty. Strength is interested in the spirit as well. Strength is bold yet innocent, almost instinctual in her ways. She has no need for sunscreen, or padding against the lion.

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