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You could be caught between how you feel and how you think you should act. The conflict can come up in a miscommunication or a disappointing experience. Don't let one set back ruin the day for you. Kiss and make up. What you sense in others may not be clear yet. The source of the vibes you're picking up will manifest later next week.

For now, tune into your self.

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Get familiar with your own needs and feelings. Don't worry if things aren't clear or if you hear nothing at all. Mediation is important for you right now. You might be in a situation where you don't feel that things are ready to come out in the open, or perhaps you sense someone needs to share some news with you but they aren't right now. Find a different way to break the ice. Perhaps playing a game of 21 Questions or Never did I ever will bring things to the surface. People in your family mean the world to you and things have been so busy lately.

Who has time to talk about feelings? Someone may actually need more one-on-one time with you than you realized. Perhaps this could be a child, a friend, or a lover. Be sure to make a little more time to sit and be together even if there's nothing serious spoken about. Just show your love.

There's something in the heart of someone close to you but they will need a little nudging to open up. She will also look at the first Chiron square and the Chiron return age 50 in Aries. She is an Internationally Syndicated Astrologer, Author, Television and Internet Personality, and is also one of the few people in the world to hold an M. Margaret Gray. Irish Astrologer Margaret Gray has been teaching and offering astrology consultations internationally for over 20 years.

Armand Diaz. She is also a certified Mediator with Couples and Families. Who have you been before, and where have you been? Would you like to explore some themes that may be showing up in your life today, and where you might be heading? There are karmic themes and past life archetypes that show in the chart. This class will how you where to look to discover where your soul has been, and how to embrace the present day. Topics such as The North and South Nodes, the role of the 12th house cusp, its ruling planet, and the special role of Neptune play in understanding past lives.

This will be a fast paced, fun, and lively evening with a lot to cover. NEW to Astrology? With Psychological Astrologer Margaret Gray www. Join me on Saturday March 31 st at Oscailt if you would like to:. Venue: The Yoga room at Oscailt Time: We are in a more reflective state. Our sexual desires may seem to have been hit by the snooze button. We may feel much more lethargic and have a difficult time getting things done. It is a good time to re-assess our past actions. Use the summer months to rethink, to strategize, or engage in some sort of research.

Make a plan Stan! A word of warning- you do not want to initiate a battle, lawsuit, or new romance. The initiator does not win during a Mars retrograde.

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So if you are involved in legal matters it is better to postpone until Mars goes direct. As for new lovers, well things will not work out as planned. However, old lovers may resurface now. If so there may be some sort of rebalancing of power that needs to play out. Overall, wait until Mars moves direct to initiate new action. For now, gather information, re-evaluate your strategy, take a pause and let things flow.

You may find that you are being asked to no longer project an image, but to own your true power. So instead of initiating, gather information and strategize. I feel with this Sabian symbol Mars retrograde is offering us an opportunity for rebirth. It is best to read for both your ascendant and sun sign.

Mars is your ruling planet, so you are strongly affected by Mars retrograde cycles. Mars will be retrograde in your 11th house, which rules friendships, social circles and your goals and ambitions. There may have been some sort of crisis in this area of your life. Perhaps you had an argument with a friend. You will have to put more effort into these areas of life.

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You may need to reevaluate your goals and what you are doing to manifest your goals. This is a good time to come up with a 5-year plan and get solid in what you really want to achieve. You may need to review how you can better use your energy towards achieving your goals. You may also re-asses your alliances to see if their ideals align with yours. Does your tribe support your authentic dreams? If not your evolving self may want to look for a new crew. Less Mo Jo on the career front? Yes Mr.

Mars going backwards in your career house may stall a big project and have you going back to the drawing board. Use the summer months to revamp a work project and by October you just may be in the limelight for a job well done! Also beware of conflicts with authority figures at this time. If you want to change your bosses mind, carefully strategize a thought out plan for whatever you are proposing.

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Wait until Mars goes direct to initiate it into action. Has there been a halt in your travel plans? There may be a delay in getting that visa you hoped for. You may need to rethink your reason for travel or put off travel plans until Mars starts to move forward! You also may be dealing with issues with course work if you are studying in higher education. There may be prerequisite classes to your coursework or you may be dealing with transferring credits between colleges.

This is another way Mars retrograde may play out for you. If you are involved in any legal matters, it is advised that you do not initiate any lawsuits at this time. It is said that if one initiates a lawsuit during a Mars retrograde, one will not win.

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Hold off until early October if you can! There may be a delay in some money you were expecting. There could be an issue over an inheritance at this time. You may need to make a plan on how to survive on less until this matter gets sorted out. You may also find yourself evaluating your deep bonds. Are you feeling empowered in your closest relationships? You will either find a way to shift the relationship or you will hop on the bus Gus, and set yourself free! Trouble in paradise?

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When Mars changed directions you may have experienced some sort of crisis with a partner. You may notice you are feeling more irritable with others this summer. Try to get your yoga on before you burn any bridges! Exercise is a productive use of Martian energy. So if your feeling particularly stressed or irritable hit the gym or maybe take a martial arts class before you have a roaring brawl with your sweetie.