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Saturn freezes Venus when the aspect is tight on this one. It reaps disappointment through love. Loneliness is inflicted on themselves. The first case would be especially true if this aspect is connected to the fourth house or even the first house. The second case would be true if this aspect is connected to one of the houses involving relationships like the seventh house.

Venus - Saturn aspects also hint to greed which may be true with the square. Venus opposite Saturn Some of the same negative encounters with this aspect as the square , but the problems arise mostly through outer forces like the people they meet; the outer forces are reflecting past-life behaviours.

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The effects of this aspect are easily avoidable by consciousness and choice; you can choose to be happy, you can choose what people or things effect you. Venus conjunct Uranus Eccentricity draws people to this individual; it is creative, dynamic, unique, and ultimately attractive to others. Venus trine or sextile Uranus These individuals could easily be described as fascinating.

Has the same magnetism and artistic genius as the conjunction. In every thing that Venus entails, Uranus is going to put some surprise twists in there; brings love, prosperity, and events from unexpected places. The sudden events and changes will always be in favour of the individual. The trine aspect brings all of these traits more easily than the sextile. Venus square or opposite Uranus An individual with this aspect may need to seek stability in himself before seeking a successful and stable romantic relationship for emotional instability is common with this aspect.

Fickle behaviour is common. Magnetism is just as strong as the trine aspect, but it may attract the wrong type of person for this individual. Demands freedom, but also needs to realize that they must give freedom to others to be, well, ultimately free. Venus conjunct Neptune This has got to be the most favourable aspect among artists and musicians as it blesses a chart with immense inspiration, imagination, and romantic traits.


Attractive and angelic. May be psychically sensitive. Interest in mystical or metaphysical fields can also be strong; anything of divinity. This interest in the unknown can also result in a negative direction such as escapism, but a more developed individual with this aspect will know that the path to enlightenment includes a raw and sober mind. Romantically compassionate, usually has a great understanding of the laws of love and has a lot of love to give.

Nerves are sensitive in love. An individual with this placement may romanticize toxic behaviours, people, ideology, etc. Venus trine or sextile Neptune Like the conjunction, this is an extremely favourable aspect for artistic and musicians as it denotes great imagination, inspiration, and talent.

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An individual with this aspect will have a great eye for beauty and some level of refinement. Great understanding of love and values love on a spiritual level. Sensitive type. Venus square Neptune Neptune is creating self-deception in Venusian realms and whichever houses that are involved is where it will often take place. This ultimately will bring the individual some disappointment in love when they finally realize they cannot change a person no matter how much they wish upon it. So while commonly it is that the expectations are too high in love, they can also be too low; the individual needs to find a balance in order to be happy.

There is also a strong desire to seek true enlightenment and the divine, but is often unable to fully achieve this desire. Venus opposite Neptune I mentioned in the square description that there is self-deception, but in the case of the opposition , there is deception coming from outer forces, most often people and even more specific, romantic affairs.

A person with this aspect is likely to encounter someone like described in the square , but with selfish and controlling motives also. Be wise with who you allow into your life romantically. This aspect can also manifest in other ways, not just romantic ones, but also be aware of possible deception and schemes through other Venusian realms such as money and beauty.

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Again, just like the square , artistic ability is not negatively affected by this aspect. Venus conjunct Pluto There is a great deal of lust, magnetism, and sensuality with this aspect. This aspect has the potential of making a person a master at seduction. Romantic endeavours are far from lacking steaminess thanks to Pluto. Your artistic projects will usually have an intimate connection to you. Romantic feelings are intense and leave great emotional impact. Great value for intimacy. Eye for beauty is intense and raw. Looks for the good in every person.

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Venus square Pluto An individual with this aspect may have held deep grudges and indulged too much in lust and selfishness to the point where they must redeem themselves and change their behaviour in order to seek peace and happiness in this life. One way an individual can fix this behaviour is by teaching others to love and to give because teaching someone something is actually a very strategic way of teaching yourself as well. Venus opposite Pluto In this aspect, the individual is likely to encounter people like described in the square who are likely going to use them for pleasure and their own motives.

This sort of emotional abuse can obviously take a toll on someone and carve this sort of individual into a secretive and closed-off character. The individual may have bad experiences in love that will lead them to believe that love does not exist or that they should freeze their heart from any sort of feeling of love. Avoid people who are manipulative and are secretive of your affair with them, be aware of abusive people. Appreciate and value when love is given to you. Juno is an asteroid that represents marriage and committed relationships. It dictates what you value and look for in a partner.

While the planet Venus influences something similar who we find attractive , Juno is more long term. It delves into the realm of soulmates. Hyung Line here. Keep reading. First off, I am going to give you the disclaimer that all astrology bloggers love to give: astrology does not dictate exactly how well people get along.

Even if you and your crush or partner are incompatible astrologically, it does not mean you cannot have a happy, healthy relationship. Second, the best way to get full, proper insight into the compatibility between two people is to draw the synastry and composite charts for them. You can find chart generators for synastry and composite charts on astro.

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I will discuss these charts further in a future post. Signs that form harmonious aspects are the most compatible. Different astrologers view the compatibility of sister signs differently. Personally, I believe that sister signs of the mutable and cardinal modalities are compatible, while the sister signs of the fixed modality are less compatible. However, this is very open to interpretation. Signs that form square aspects are the trickiest. So, here are the signs that are most to least compatible for each sign using the order: trine pairs, sextile pairs, same sign, sister sign, inconjunct, semisextile, and square :.

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For example, if you are a Virgo sun, Gemini moon, Libra Venus and your partner is a Sagittarius sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn Venus - you have strong sun x moon compatibility and sun x Venus compatibility because Sagittarius sun is compatible with Gemini moon and Libra Venus, and Virgo sun is compatible with Taurus moon and Capricorn Venus. Here are my favorite planets to compare when it comes to compatibility:.

Los signos que forman aspectos armoniosos son los mas compatibles , asi que deduciendo esto. Los signos que forman semisexiles e inconjunciones tambien son incompatibles pero no tanto como los que forman cuadratura.