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The reality is not so glamorous, but it's where most of us live. Julia is also thoroughly depressed by the prevailing ethos today, which suggests young people can have a good time without any responsibility. The facts speak for themselves. Julia adds: 'I'm an old-fashioned romantic. You don't need exciting sex toys to be turned on if you're in love. The biggest turn-on is love itself.

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The concept of 'hooking up' is terrible, as are 'friends with privileges' - [a casual sexual partner]. That's not going to give you a relationship, or make you happy. What happened to getting to know someone, having things in common, falling in love? Within her marriages, Julia happily admits she has always been 'open-minded in the bedroom', and says she even used to sleep with a copy of the Kama Sutra under her pillow. But she insists she never strayed outside of her marriage or followed Cosmo's guides to staging an orgy or sleeping with multiple partners. The fantasy is you'll have a good time; but the reality is you have a string of brief relationships, lose people's respect, and it's a downward spiral in and out of rehab and fighting anorexia.

I can't believe what you see on TV today. I watched Rome on TV recently, expecting a historical drama.

Instead it was like Footballers' Wives in togas. I wouldn't want to be 18 today. Grasping independence on her own terms, at the age of 50 Julia went to the University of California, Los Angeles, for four years to study Italian literature. She supported herself by becoming a professional interior decorator, finding homes, renovating and decorating them in France, Italy and America. And that doesn't make me a Cosmo girl - it makes me a woman. I still hunger for life and new experiences, without having to be promiscuous or shooting up in a nightclub.

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That's what makes life interesting. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. The truth about the first Cosmo girl Last updated at 11 February She opens the door wearing only a red velvet robe. Fresh from the shower, her still-wet hair cascades seductively over her shoulders.

But if the Cosmo girl is a fun-seeking sex missile, Julia failed to live up to the hype. I didn't hang out with models and photographers, and I was never into drink or drugs and never suffered from bulimia or anorexia.

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They are terrible role models for young girls. Share or comment on this article:. Comments 0 Share what you think. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Get Me Out Of Here!

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If you're asking if astrology is 'real,' you're missing the point Self. Taking a pilgrimage, such as walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain , will give you that sense of accomplishment, and may also encourage you to explore your spirituality and follow your heart — something you can always use a little more of in your life. You root for underdogs and you value freedom, counterculture and, frankly, a little bit of the weird in life.

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You also love getting off the beaten track read: non-conformist , so you could also head to Kyrgyzstan , where you can lose yourself in the remote Tian Shan mountains and avail of the strong network of community-based tourism organisations to arrange homestays and excursions like walnut-picking and horse riding, ensuring your money is flowing into the local economy for the greater good. Dreamy Pisces, you rarely come down to earth and may not even be from this planet, but you are the healer and the lover of the zodiac. You need downtime, gentle air and somewhere free of crowds.

Short of sending you into outer space where your mind mainly seems to stray anyway , we suggest you ascend to the roof of the world. Tibet is vast, exceptionally beautiful, brimming with spirituality and quiet — all things you value in life and travel. Alternative getaway: With your highly intuitive even psychic nature, you gravitate towards the supernatural. On the Pampa Colorada in Peru are a series of strange and unexplained ancient geoglyphs: the Nazca Lines. These giant images of animals and insects are only visible from high above. Who made these glyphs and why?

Was it aliens or an ancient fertility cult? Megan Eaves. Astrological adventures: where to travel based on your zodiac sign. Adventurous Aries? Voyaging Virgo? Globetrotting Gemini? Whether you find western astrology to be just a bit of fun or something more serious, it can be amusing to see what the planets say about your personality.

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In turn, you might just find that your astrological placements provide a useful gauge for many life choices — including where to travel. Where to travel based on your star sign. Related content Explore Is flying getting more luxurious? Explore The ultimate London itinerary for fans of the British royals.