Astrology solar eclipse february 26

Ruled by Neptune, the mythic god of the sea, Pisces is a water sign known for its compassion and kindness as well as its lack of boundaries. It is open, fluid and porous; it governs the invisible and the unseen.

Solar Eclipse NEW MOON in PISCES February 26th 2017~

The fluctuating atmosphere of Pisces can be deceiving; we often underestimate its power. Not only is the Sun and Moon in Pisces; Neptune formidable in its own sign is conjunct fused with them as well. Plus Mercury, the South Node, Chiron, and the asteroid Pallas Athene the goddess of wisdom, justice and social activism are also in Pisces. What do you want to create; what is seeking to be born? The fixed star Skat at 09 degrees Pisces is conjunct the eclipse. This star is called The Wish. Perhaps the key to creating what we want is the South Node the karmic past which is also conjunct the eclipse.

It is asking us to release old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. Remember the song from Frozen? At the same time there is a fierce cluster of planets in fiery Aries; Venus, Mars, Uranus and Eris, a minor planet named for the goddess of discord. On February 26, the day of the eclipse, Mars the god of war and Uranus the great awakener make an exact conjunction, an explosive combination.

Obsessive Pluto in Capricorn which rules government and institutions squares the Aries planets and Jupiter. The asteroid Vesta goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame in Cancer makes a grand square.

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This is a potent time — personally and politically. Where you have the Pisces planets: something is trying to come to the surface. Something is ready to release, dissolve, or heal.

You may feel more sensitive, open and receptive than usual. Listen to the whispers and not the screams. Follow your heart. Let go of old habits, behaviors, and patterns; connect with what is meaningful.

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Where you have the Aries planets: the energy is red hot and wired. Channel it. Those touched by this Eclipse will be able to access other timelines and weave together seamlessly elements from the past with those of the future. We feel connected to our childhood and there is a love of nostalgia. At this Solar eclipse we find the magic in nature and are enchanted.

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Designers are able to pull out geometric shapes and styles from what they see in the landscape. Useful since this eclipse is conjunct Neptune! This then could be a solar eclipse that allows someone to pursue their art full time through having attracted a rich and supportive partner. Drawing sponsorship from others is well starred if you have a creative imagination and are connected with what is trending in the collective. It feels euphoric and merges with the landscape.

There are problems with boundaries, so the more sensitive among us will feel like a psychic sponge. This aspect is so good at challenging the perception of reality. However there is the great danger of lying and creating very convincing illusions. This solar eclipse will serve well advertisers and propagandists, but those on the receiving end of the sorcery need to question the sources always. Interestingly George Orwell, author of the prophetic novel had this conjunction!

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  • The boundaries between ourselves and others are blurry. If you do not know your Vedic Moon sign, then just read the one for your Vedic Sun sign as indicated in the descriptions that follow for trends in the next 6 to 12 months of your life. Changes possible for siblings especially those younger than you. Heightened energy around short journeys and how you communicate in the outside world. Embrace courage and recommit to self-motivation and you can accomplish much!

    The home environment is highlighted and where you spend your time working and living.

    Perhaps a new change in what makes you really happy, as well as opportunities around the relationship with our mother or motherhood. All about the children and creativity! Performers may come more into the spotlight. An excellent time to work on spiritual techniques and meditations, particularly those that involve sun mantras and visualizations.

    Health issues can be resolved now by changing your diet and your emotional patterns. Good time to move beyond all of that. Relationships, relationships.

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    You may feel that you deserve more attention in your current relationship. Why not give others that attention and see how that shifts the energy? Be careful you are not blaming your partner for your lack of accomplishments. Time to create some strong spiritual habits and get rid of bad patterns that no longer serve you, particularly in the areas of diet and exercise.